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Obbe Fishery is situated in and around the picturesque village of Leverburgh in South Harris.

The Obbe Fishery practices a catch and release policy for all migratory Salmonids, the only exception to this are the Non Native Pink Salmon which must be killed and presented to the Ghillie at the end of the day. A maximum bag limit of 10 Brown Trout can be retained, per Angler per Day, all Brown Trout over 2lbs in weight must be returned (Barbless or “nipped” hooks preferred). All Ferox Trout and Arctic Char must be returned.

All lochs are Fly Fishing only, with the exception of Langabhat where Bait and Lure Fishing is permitted.

Boats and Ghillies are available on all Freshwater Lochs weather permitting, (Ghillies decision for the use of Boats is required) life jackets must be worn and are provided at no extra cost.

No Rod or further terminal/supplementary tackle is available for hire and the use of thigh/chest waders is advisable for Bank Anglers.

Salmon and Sea Trout run the system from mid-June to mid-Oct, water levels permitting. The occasional “Springer” and early Sea Trout are caught before these dates, again if the water levels are correct.

All Lochs are easily accessible from the adjoining road network.

For further information on Week Fishing Permits, or any other queries please use contact details below.

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Brown Trout / Ferox Trout & Arctic Char


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The Obbe Fishery:

The Millpool

The Millpool, both Salmon and Sea Trout can often be seen gathering here, awaiting the spate to promote their onward journey.

Loch Steisbhat

After leaving the Millpool, Loch Steisabhat is the next freshwater loch which contains some of the smaller Brown Trout present in the system (3/4 lb) as well as Salmon and Sea Trout when they are “running”.

Loch Moracha

Loch Moracha is connected to Loch Steisabhat via a short, flowing “River” known as the “Gangees” and holds Salmon and Sea Trout throughout the migratory season. Brown Trout are also present throughout the season.

Loch Langabhat

Loch Langabhat, one of the most prolific Brown Trout Lochs in the Outer Hebrides, Loch Langabhat is the final and also the largest Loch of the Obbe system and also holds Salmon and Sea Trout throughout the migratory season. For the more specialist angler Langabhat is also home throughout the year to Ferrox Trout and Arctic Char.

Native Curlews

What to Expect

Whilst casting your fly in this area of outstanding natural beauty and peaceful seclusion, the angler is very likely to encounter the splendour of the indigenous wildlife whose surroundings you will be sharing. The two species of Eagles (Golden and White Tailed Sea) are often witnessed soaring the thermals in search of prey. Also commonly encountered are the sounds and sights of the resident breeding Red Throated Divers, Curlew, Greenshank and Golden Plovers and our “Fellow Angler” the Otter can occasionally “lift their head”!

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